Pastor Salley’s book “Money: The Right Way to Think About it & The Right Way to Use it” is available for purchase on Amazon

Available in paperback and Kindle formats.

Living beyond our means. This is the reality of many believers who indulge in outsized spending, face high levels of credit card debt, and are saddled with unwieldy home mortgages or multiple car payments. Challenges also come with unexpected medical bills or obligations to care for extended family members with little or no savings set aside. These circumstances are often rooted in the ills that plague the American lifestyle – greed, immediate gratification, and a lack of contentment. Our problem is primarily spiritual. This book will help you to appreciate the Biblical truth of stewardship as well as encourage you with a recipe for allocating your money, regardless of where you might be on your financial wellness journey. In addition, there are targeted recommendations for changing behavioral patterns that will lead you to a desirable place: honoring God with your resources.

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