Food Pantry During COVID-19 Restrictions

With the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are in more need of food especially in the area we serve that is deemed food insecure.  We are currently only opening for 1 hour from 12-1 and we are serving an average of about 20 families per week. I believe we have implemented ways to do this ministry and serve the people in the community and at the same time lessen our exposure and keep a safe distance.

This will be a single person mission or families who have been bunkered together since the pandemic.

This is what our volunteers are responsible for doing:

  1. Arriving early to pack food bags,
  2. During distribution, requesting clients to put their ID’s up against the glass from outside of the door,
  3. Looking up the client’s information using the tablet and signing in on behalf of the client using the volunteer’s initials,
  4. Once signed in, placing the client’s bag of food on the floor to allow them to take their food and go.

Volunteers will need to take the normal precautions of wearing a face mask and gloves. Disinfectant wipes are available to wipe down. During this time, volunteers and their immediate family members are the only people in the church.

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